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Daily oil production in Russia increased by 1.9% in February

In February 2017 average daily oil production in Russia increased in annual terms by 1.9%, which represents 11.109 million barrels a day.

Nowak: in Russian oil production in February, will be lower than in January

 I n Russian oil production in February, will be lower than in January; thus reducing production exceeds January 117,000 barrels per day, he told reporters Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak.

The Ministry of Finance took a pause in the discussion of the tax maneuver in the oil industry

Ministry of Finance planned to the end of winter, in February, to direct the oil companies tax reform project of the oil industry in its final form, but participants did not receive paper market, the newspaper "Izvestia".

OPEC Secretary General: On the extension of the agreement to reduce oil production

Speak to extend the agreement on the reduction of production between OPEC and other countries is still too early, it is necessary to consider the current results. This was announced by the OPEC secretary general Mohammed Barkindo.



Realization of oil products produced by the company is made directly to the commercial services of the Company, Our commercial contact person

Information Department:

Tel: +7 495 928 01 49

E-mail: info@abites.ru 


Sales Manager: Evgeniy Nikolaevich

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Documents to be submitted for contracts for the supply of "Abites" LLC:

  1. Letter to conclude an agreement on company letterhead signed by the head of the organization;
  2. Copy of certificate of registration with the tax authority (INN / KPP);
  3. A copy of the certificate of entry in the register (BIN);
  4. A copy of the information in EGRPO (established by national classification identification, such as of Enterprise, NACE);
  5. statute copy (all sheets);
  6. Copy Constituent contract (if any);
  7. A copy of the situation (for branches);
  8. A copy of the (decision) on the election (appointment) of the sole executive body
  9. The card (map) of the client (certified by the director's signature and seal);
  10. Power of attorney for signing the contract (if the person signing the contract does not act on the basis of the Charter of the enterprise);
  11. Extract the register (topical);
  12. Proof of ownership or lease agreement at the registered office;
  13. The sample head of the signature (passport, bank. Card).